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Group Information

Name: Spaghetti Neva Forgetti

Members: Chan Yu Feng, Conan Kian Jia Ren, Lim Miao Ling, Ng Yong Sheng

Theme: Close Enough


Welcome to MoonChaser, where you will take on a role of an ambitious cat who dreams of reaching the moon. Discovering a mystical and mysterious path in the wild mountains that seemingly leads to the moon, you will now embark on a long and arduous journey to reach it.

These mysterious platforms along the path have been enchanted with strange moonlight energies and you can manipulate it to perform tricks and stunts to gain lunar points. But beware, if you are too far from the platforms, you may just lose control of yourself and fall off the path! Have fun performing tricks but stay close enough to the platforms.


  • Press 'Z' to leap from platform to platform.
  • Holding onto 'Z' to increase your jump height to a certain limit.
    • You can manipulate your jump height and falling distance to reach the opposite side of the platforms.
  • You can run on the opposite side without falling off due to mysterious powers.
    • Swapping around side to side will allow you to gain additional lunar points.
  • But remember to stay close enough to the platforms' energy field without jumping too high or falling down too much, or else you will just drop off and lose the game.
  • Close the distance between you and the moon.
  • Enjoy and have fun.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip the file and launch the .exe file to play.

Recommended Settings:

- Quality: Fantastic

- Resolution: 1920 x 1080


GameCraft_MoonChaser.zip 27 MB